NAVIGATING STRANGE SEAS, The Dr. F. W. Boreham Story, Episode 1, England

In this first episode, the F. W. Boreham begins in Tunbridge Wells, Kent (England). We are introduced to Frank as an avid learner with an enormously hungry imagination. Graduating from High School at the age of 14, Frank continued night school as he worked as a junior clerk at a brickworks. But it is here that he met with tragedy which very nearly ended his life, but without which, the world might never have come to know Dr. F. W. Boreham, the preacher and writer.

In this DVD we learn how, after moving to London, the young Frank came to realise his need for a Saviour, and how this "great transaction" took place. This led the teenage Frank to begin street preaching for the London City Mission on the streets of Clapham where he soon caught the eye of Charles Haddon Spurgeon who offered him a full scholarship into his Pastors College. It was during his College days that he met the love of his love, Stella, yet his love was seemingly stifled when the Lord cut short his studies and sent him to New Zealand.

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  • NAVIGATING STRANGE SEAS - The F.W. Boreham Story, Part 1, England


    Dr. F.W. Boreham is considered one of the greatest preachers and Christian essayists of all time. He was even honoured by a young Queen Elizabeth with an O.B.E. for Services to Preaching and Literature. His journey started in England (Part 1) where as a boy, he learned to love stories. As a youth...